Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Note to myself

Note to myself: 

When instaling a Keihin CR 31 Special Racing Carburetor into your CB750, take it easy...

...the dry black sooty deposits on your spark plugs, are a warning that you are running an over-rich fuel/air mixture.


Don't f*ck up your engine! If you don't know how to tune it, get the thing on a dyno, and get it tuned by a professional on the 21st May.


  1. Well at least being a tad rich is better than being overly lean.

    You don't need a dyno tune, just do a plug chop.
    You already know it's rich so get some new plugs and drop a jet size in the mains. Then do your plug chopping.

    1. Thank you very much for the good advice Mr. Hamilton :)

      I will go through your link, and do my homework ;)

      Thank you :D