Monday, 23 April 2012

Honda Hawk Streamliner Week – Post: 01

Want a better story on the Honda Hawk streamliner?

It is the 28th februarry 2012, and I am checking my mailbox, and one particular e-mail interests me! The title is "Want a better story on the Honda Hawk streamliner?", send to me by someone called Richard (Dick) Keller??? 

After a fast google search it looks like this "somebody" must be the Richard Keller from Reaction Dynamics, that was involved in The Blue Flame land speed record attemt in 1970!?! What is going on??? The e-mail is a reacktion to a post on COFDL that I posted exactelly a year ago to this day! 

I heard of the Honda Hawk streamliner from a classic swedish motorcycle magazine, making an anniversary issue on the Honda CB750. In that magazine there was a very short story on a land speed record made with a CB750 twin engined streamliner, a story of the fastest CB750 ever, and hardly anyone has ever heard about it...?   

This week will be entirely dedicated to The Honda Hawk Streamliner, and thanks to Mr. Keller contribution, you will have the very rare opportunity to have a look into one of the largest online photo collections on the Honda Hawk Streamliner. 

The letter from Dick Keller containing 2x CD's with 
the pictures from the record attemt

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