Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Hope You Have A Sense Of Humour?!?

Well this is a really hard post for me to put on COFDL....

One of my new years resolutions were, no is, to not say bad things about other people’s bikes! People put a lot of time and love into these machines, and who am I to say otherwise?!

But since first of January I have come to realise how biased I am, and what a bad person I really am – there are so many times in a week where I just have to shut the F*ck up!!!

Well some times it is a really hard job (but somebody got to do it right???), to plough through the internet, forums, old magazines etc. to find all the cool CB750s I post here on the blog. Sometimes there is on out of every maybe thousand CB750 pictures I use? And some of them are really... Stop it Mister!!! Oh yeah! I am not going to say bad things about other people’s bikes this year!!!

Well come to the point: 
Here is a post about bikes that would not normally go on this blog, and are (let’s say) so funny that I wanted to share them with you people. 

Hope you have a sense of humour?!? This is very unserious... 

WHAT!!! Chicken & watermelon, and black girls, North state flags and whips??? 

This is sooo wrong!!! 

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