Thursday, 5 August 2010

The Egli Racing CB750

Around 400 Egli frames were built for the Honda 750 SOHC / 4, some of them as a racing frame. The complete Egli frame weighs only 8 kg! The control head has oversized tapered roller bearings, as well as the rockers. The wing consists of oval frames with stereo shocks. Initially Ceriani or Marzocchi forks was installed along with shocks by Koni, Ceriani, Girling or Betor, depending on customer requirements and driving style. The brakes came from Honda, Lockheed, Grimeca, Scarab.

Later Egli built there own front fork, which had two connecting pipes between the two dip tubes directly above the front wheel, making the fork much more stable. For engines with dry sump lubrication, such as the CB 750 SOHC / 4 engine, the backbone tube also serves as the oil tank. The problem was this design was that it did not supply enough oil when braking for longer periods

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